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Absolutely loved this item. It's pretty sturdy and easy to open them. Comes with little paper tabs you could slide in front of the sliding drawers to label what is in each one. The size is absolutely perfect as well, not too big and not too small compared to other drawers from other brands. The color is beautiful. Highly recommend


If you’re like me and don’t have time to nicely put away your office supplies, ecspecially during a big rush. This is great at keeping everything organized but easy to access and put away! Love the color and it’s very sturdy. Had these rubber things on the bottom so it doesn’t move around or fall over when you are grabbing and placing items quickly. Love that!! Definitely Recommend!!! It will make your desk so much nicer and organized!!


My man has a thing for globes, and he loves the black water globes like this one, so I got it for him for Christmas, and he loved it! The black and silver goes well with a modern or contemporary decor and is definitely a conversation piece as well as a cool decorative piece. Good price, too!

L. Giles

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