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This mini globe is lovely. We live in a small home and I wanted a globe to reference countries and geographies when I read about them with my children during story time. The mini globe fits perfectly in our reading nook and rotates easily so we can quickly find what we're looking for. It comes with a stand and two mini screw heads. Make sure you look for the screw heads before you throw out the packaging. I didn't realize these were part of the item and lost one of the screw heads. Product still works but not as finished-looking as it otherwise would be. Very pleased with this purchase! A steal for how much enjoyment and learning it brings. I will give these as gifts.


My man has a thing for globes, and he loves the black water globes like this one, so I got it for him for Christmas, and he loved it! The black and silver goes well with a modern or contemporary decor and is definitely a conversation piece as well as a cool decorative piece. Good price, too!

L. Giles

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