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ANNOVA EXZACT Engraved Dog Bunny 9 Pieces Set

  • The Perfect Gift for New Parents, Baby Showers, Baby's 1st Birthday, Easter, Christmas or any Event.
  • Kids Will Be Excited to Have Silverware Like Adults but That Are Their Size and Safe. Specially Designed for Children’s Size and Safety, Fork with Rounded Fork Tines and Knife with Non-Serrated Blade.
  • Fun Engraved Design for all Ages and Genders: Juniors, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School Age Children. Utensils that make Mealtime Exciting and Safe.

Engraved Dog Bunny 9 Pieces Set

SKU: WF850-S9
  • Material: Stainless Steel #430 (18/0). Free of ANY Hazardous Materials. 


    • Fork Size: 5.75in x 1in,
    • Spoon Size: 5.75in x 1.25in,
    • Knife Size: 6.5in x .8in.
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