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Safari animals are always fascinating. We invited land animals to represent this tableware set, include Lion the king of safari, Elephant the smart one with super memory power, Giraffe the tallest.

We have adopted Electrolytic Metal Etching to carve the animals, it is more vivid, and make the animals looking more active, and eye-catching. Parents and carers may also take the opportunity to introduce in-depth knowledge of animals, and help children to understand animal protection as well.


ANNOVA Safari animals set caters all sizes of parties,. Kids will be excited to have silverware like adults but which are their size and safe. Specially designed for children’s size and safety.


  • 6 Pieces Set includes: 2 x Children Fork (5.7-inch / 14.5 cm), 2 x Children Knife (6.8-inch / 17.2 cm), 2 x Children Dinner Spoon (5.5-inch / 14 cm); 
  • 6 Pieces Set includes: 3 x Children Fork (5.7-inch / 14.5 cm), 3 x Children Tablespoon (5.5-inch / 14 cm);
  • 12 Pieces Set includes: 6 x Children Fork (5.7-inch / 14.5 cm), 6 x Children Tablespoon (5.5-inch / 14 cm)

ANNOVA Safari Animals Kids Silverware Set

  • Material: Mirror Polished Premium Stainless Steel #430 (18/0). Free of ANY Hazardous Materials.


    • Children Fork: 5.7-inch / 14.5CM,
    • Children Knife 6.8-inch / 17.2CM,
    • Children Dinner Spoon 5.5-inch / 14CM.
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