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This desk organizer is very cute! It’s a lighter pink and really makes my desk look more fun. I got it because I wanted to hold my two notebooks in it as well as my pens and some other things. I still have one extra storage space within it that I’m not sure what to do with! Great value for your money!

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I absolutely LOVE this Exerz Antique Globe! It is so beautiful, realistic and so well made! It looks like I would have paid alot more for it! My daughter and I used it for not only a gift but for decorating for my other daughters' baby shower! The theme was "Around the World" and it made it perfect for the shower! And, something great for my new grandson as a gift that hopefully will be useful. It will show and teach him where his daddy came from as well! You can't go wrong with this Globe! Classy looking! Thank you so much!

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