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  • Annova introduces the new Octagon Mesh Desk Organizer with 360° Rotation with Multi-Color Variations. Sturdy And Durable. The premium quality makes it an ideal art / office supply choice for efficient and stylish workspace.
  • 360° Rotation: Effortlessly access your supplies from any angle with the 360° rotation feature, allowing for convenient and quick retrieval.
  • 6 Compartments: Stay organized with the five spacious compartments, providing ample storage space for pens, pencils, scissors, sticky notes, business cards, paper clips, and other office supplies.
  • Spinning Design: The spinning design of this desk organizer allows for easy access to all your essentials, eliminating the need to search through cluttered drawers or containers.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for various settings including art supplies, accessories, office use, classrooms, and homes. Keep your workspace tidy and efficient with this versatile desk organizer.
  • Circle Shape, Stylish and Functional: Stand out with the unique circle shape, adding a modern and sleek touch to your workspace.
  • Easy to Clean: The mesh material is easy to clean, ensuring your organizer stays in pristine condition with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Organization: With its multiple compartments and spinning design, this desk organizer enhances your organization by providing dedicated spaces for different types of office supplies.

Octagon Mesh Desk Organizer with 360° Rotation

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